This villa is not part of the Project


Hello! We are Tim and Shamali, one of the founders of the Elephant Freedom Project.


In 2016 we moved away from the project, to start building a new house. This took us more then 3 years.

To many people who see our house for the first time, it seems our home is a hotel and we are always flattered when they ask us about it. 


But it got us thinking, what if we invite people to stay at our place, let's call it a "luxurious villa",

wouldn't that be amazing!?


We are not part of the project, in fact we are 3 hours away. Our house is ideal to see the wild elephants on a safari

and we are also not that far from Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa and on the way to the beaches of Trincomalee.

Places most tourists love to visit while in Sri Lanka.

We only ask 15,000 LKR for a double room, including breakfast, as an introductory offer.

Lunch and dinner are available on request.



You will stay in a beautiful open house surrounded by nature, there's a paddy field in the front of our home,

we have a beautiful large swimming pool, great beds, A/C's and (hot) rain showers, good WiFi, no traffic anywhere,

we feel we created a small paradise!


Will you come and visit us?


Please send us an email for more information